Strumming Some Heartstrings

Saturday, April 3, 2010
at 5:57 AM

I was just flipping through the dusty old photoalbums stacked neatly in my cupboard....
And I was just reminiscing(?) the old times!
Like visits to the zoo and random places with my family....
And playing doctor, games of pretend....
I don't think the same things can thrill me or hold me enthralled anymore.
I look at my pictures and I see this innocent little girl.
And when I look in the mirror, all I see is well, me.
Im not sure what I mean.
But I realise the importance of photographs now.
They capture the moment, the excitement, the thrill and the happiness.
I should take more photos, and get them developed.

Lazy to post GoodFriday Photos up here,
most of my photos will be up on Facebook.

O level's is coming!!! I feel the stress when I remind myself that I need to LEARN two years worth.... But just like me, I forget abt it 5 mins later, till I remember again a week after.


(Kaykay is so hawt)
you know you love me

Friday, March 26, 2010
at 6:37 AM

Some Lit lecture at TJ I thinkkkkk. :) Fav girls! <3


4Grace has been awesome this year!!
Im dead serious. I really luv my classmates!!!
Okay I should give credit where it is due...... Thxxxx Mr Lam for the crazy ideas+unendingsupport!!!

Oh yes and since this XIAOHE managed to pop up in my mind just a few secs ago....
I shall say sth abt her:D
Thxxx so much for dishing out fab advice and comfort!!
Ni bu yao tai kai xin wor!!! Wo zhi shi zai du Max Tucker cai ji de ni worrrrr~

Life sux and I am one screwed bitch but I like going crazy and doing weird stuff even if I regret it later. Because Im used to it. Getting over and forgetting, I mean.
Told you Im nuts.
(Im on a sugar high. Thats what coke does)

you know you love me

Sunday, March 21, 2010
at 4:23 AM

Just received a text and............. it reminds me.
I still have not decided on my topic for commonwealth.
Ugh you know I have no idea what topic to write on.
I know this is dumb but I have ZERO confidence in myself for this.
I am so not commonwealth (a.k.a Heartwarming stuff) Material.

And to top it off, school starts tmr.
I have to somehow find my chinse compo book, churn out a compo and hand it in.
And many many more undone assignments.
I have a sad life, I know.
Kill me plz.
you know you love me

at 4:15 AM

First, a post to get something off my chest.

I'm not someone who has lists of people I dislike. In fact, I think I can count the number of people I honestly dislike with only the fingers of one hand. Less than five.
And whats funny is that one of them used to be my good friend.
But we're obviously not friends now, duh.
If you know me you'll know who she is.
Because Im really open abt it.
Anw this is all crap. Lets get on to the good stuff.

You see, that day during talentime, I went to tell my classmate that she sang really really well and everything.
Honestly, SHE DID FAB.
And you know, while I was complimenting her, Someone who very conveniently was beside her and also right in front of me, turned around to pass some snarky remark abt me to someone else. And it was so damn obvious that she was talking about me. Think sneaky side-looks, hushed whispering that's still audible... All the dramarama you'd expect from a wannabe drama queen.

I am so, very pissed off.
You see, its not that I dont like you, YOU MAKE ME HATE YOU.
I dont want to bring up the past nonsense+scandal and stuff.
But I really gave you a chance to be my friend again after the incident.
You blew it.
And so far I've not bugged you.
But this is it.
Have fun while it lasts my dear.
you know you love me

Saturday, February 27, 2010
at 5:27 AM

Martin Jiawei Gaohan Larry Terry came over today.
Really fun.
Shall update l8r.
you know you love me

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
at 3:20 AM

HI I know my blog is already rotting and covered with mould!
Plz forgive me I've been reallllllly busy!!!
Ah and Im only updating because I knw that even though I have a dead tagboard, I know people still visit this forsaken place.

Okay lets talk abt the good things first....
I passed both my tests today!!
Emath test+Physics test!
Am I not wonderful???? :)
Here's hoping Ill pass the damn hard chem test!

And Im going to take part in commonwealth!!
Tgt w Nicole!
Actually its a good thing, and a bad thing.
Because I doubt Ill get anything and its extra stress you know.
Plus we have workshops and all.
I guess there's always a downside to everything.

And now.......... for the bad.
There have been lots of bad recently.
Imma screwed girl.
My temper's been like........ I dno... really crazy.
I feel like I might just break down anytime actually.
Pms maybe/??
I dont know.

Anyway yesterday's incident on the bus really shook me up.
It was totally unwanted, and uncalled for.
I didnt say anything,
I didnt ask for any opinions.
And they just hurled it in my face.
What stings is that I actually thought he was a nice guy.
Okay, so he doesnt think Im a nice girl.
Lets play then.

Ive been really bored.
Busy nw so Ill update when I feel like killing someone.

you know you love me

Sunday, January 31, 2010
at 3:34 AM

Ah Yesterday was........ the dinner....

I was in a really really bad mood.....
Which was worsened by people who said they'd turned up... And then failed to do so.
Even worse, some of them had a shitload of comments as to where to hold the dinner and what to eat.
And then, they didnt turn up either.
You knw I really really hate people who dont do what they say.
But thanks to everyone else for turning up! :D


It was kinda fun,
the one cheering session that I ACTUALLY took part in.
But you know, someone kinda ruined it for me.
. I know some of you are going to tell me that I shouldnt be posting this,
but you know I really dont give a shit abt how she is going to feel after reading this.
no1. This is my blog and if she comes here she is inclined to read MY thoughts.
no2. I DONT care abt ppl who piss me off.
no3. I dont play nice.

And so, I was happily teaching them the world song bcuz SJ THINKS she cant sing.
But sueann, YOU CAN!
You just have to have more confidence!!
And so, I was yelling at them to sing louder.
And I went to those who weren't really moving their mouths to tell them to sing louder.
In closer proximity to them than at my original position anyway.
And then this girl, I cant rmb her name. Jiawen or Jiamin or some Jia thing.
wasnt responding. She just like, ignored me.
So i asked if she was okay.'

She practically SCREAMED at me.
It was some thing like, "DONT ASK ME TO SING I GOT SING"
Im nt too sure.
And she burst into tears.

After that she claimed I was specifically bullying her.
Okay, I asked your whole row to move forward because ALL of you werent participating actively.
And you were singing, but NOT loud ENOUGH.

So yeah.
I am darn pissed off because I was in a damned good mood that day.
And it was a fun activity.
And I hate it when people malign/accuse me for smth I did not do.

Puh-lease, do you know what we went through when we were sec1s?
It was a thousand times worse.
I was singled out once to do squats for smiling or sth.
Did I cry?
Because guides is just like that.
You dont cry because your seniors are fierce.
Because they arent bullying.

Fuck it.

you know you love me


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